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Chat-rom i league of legends

chat-rom i league of legends

This includes Action Replay, Pokésav, and Game Shark.
We cannot get your Pokémon back for you, so always trade/battle at your own discretion.
WiFiGuest6059 what show is patamon from?You are also not permitted to talk about well-known scams in the channel.WiFiGuest5036 Need help with my R4 No Illegal Download Discussion 5 minute ban - Besides roms/emulators, you may also not ask for downloads of any copyrighted material.No Script Evasion 5 minute ban - Some of the ops have tools known as scripts which can sometimes detect when somebody is breaking a rule.WiFiGuest5941 looking for a caterpie, will trade my bagon!Spoiler:- Example: You already know the rules by now.No Spamming in General 5 minute ban - If you Spam with anything above in excess, you will be removed.These topics pertain to clans, and mentioning them will result in a ban.You can select one of these chat types and you can meet with a random person from different countries.This rule also includes emulators, M3 cards, and R4 cards.Spoiler:- Example: WiFiGuest8465 lf tournament battle WiFiGuest5213 join my tournament!If you are caught scamming, you will be banned.yzcianDude lol look at me i'm YZClanDude and i'm dumb No Mini-Opping 5 minute ban - Do not act like you are an Op in the chatroom.Spoiler:- Example: WiFiGuest7941 lf free shinys!

Do not do 2 for 1 trades and always be careful with what you trade.Like "free pokémon" offerings, these are usually scams.Spoiler:- Example: WiFiGuest7916 shut the censored up WiFiGuest2416 censored u WiFiGuest3232 kiss my censored No Video Or Voice Chat Requests 5 minute ban - As a safety precaution, do not request voice chats or video chats.WiFiGuest7952 LF java hjelpe chat gratis a boyfriend For clarification: You are allowed to request Pokémon Mystery Dungeon ekte sex love doll matt mcmurrain hbo rescues.These are usually scams.Don't request/offer Pokémon that come from events that haven't happened yet.World Chat Online provides you the most quality chat sites whole of the world.WiFiGuest8858 how do i become an op No Arguing With Ops About Bans/Rules 5 minute ban - It's okay to PM an op to ask about your ban, but being hostile about it will only get you banned even longer.WiFiGuest0502 Who has a runescape account?!This includes regular users, ops, and network staff.