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Chat-rom med fugl emblem

Atom Arion4k - Organizing the suggestions document, suggesting features bug testing.
TheSymbol's online gratis chatterom for depresjon og angst Chat Mod (TCM as I now see this mod as almost complete with the features that I have mostly missed from the normal chat that is currently in-game I thought it would be appropriate to post the mod here now.
Huge special thanks to the people that has helped out or come up with suggestions to the mod!LF / LFG / INV / Invite all work for the "Looking for group" color.All Chat United States Wyoming Emblem Chat, emblem Chat Rooms, emblem Men, emblem Women.This version includes the Crew and Flotilla emblems and 21 custom emblems by Gunfighter and an optional mod to install a weathered version of some select emblems.Skyrider3217 - Making Symbols (Emojis) sex som ekte app gratis for trade chat.Added updated emblem for U-995 from Ragtag.
Standa - For reminding me about Global chat colors.
These are limited so that they may not be used in ST and Trade chats, to reduce spam clutter.

Haulermud3 : 58 year old man "Fishing Camping" DO NOT ASK FOR money DO NOT ASK FOR MY bank account DO NOT ASK ME TO BUY OR send YOU anythino NOT text DO NOT ASK ME FOR cell number YOU wont GET IT I just.These emotes (for now) are symbols for pearls and stars relating to gear.Hope to meet you here.".(Huge thanks to her 3).Here you can see a hard SW emoji, the initial message could have looked like: "LFM HM SW /w" before being color changed and having the emoji put.The color of whisper messages is changed to be more readable by default.Emblem Latina Women, emblem Christian Women, emblem Muslim Women.

I am half Italian and half Native American.
I have commented and to show where my changes begin and end.