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Important information FOR NEW users: You enter the room at your own risk.
With this, you can enter the room as administrator, register your email as the room owner email and change the admin password to something you can remember.
Notice that all users preview without online sex-skandalen video joining the chat if they have been silenced or if the chat is closed.
The room administrator can choose a permanent room address like: m/YourName.How do I save a link to my chat room for later access?Chatzy used to be primarily a real-time chat system, but it can also be used as a simple blog or message board.In fact, if we deleted your email record, we would not be able to prevent people from sending you chat invitations.A Room Skin always overrules a Device Skin.I created a chatroom.When this box is checked, the system allows much more text to be pasted to a room without showing the spam warning.The invitations are just a means of communicating the chat room address, which is needed in order to enter the chatroom.In some cases, proxies are necessary to avoid restrictions in a user's local network.This is of course OK if the text is relevant for the room.You can allow only users whose email address has been confirmed by Chatzy (registered users).In free rooms, the number of non-subscribers is limited.Moderators can only be appointed in Premium Rooms.You can also define your own custom replacements and replace any word (a string without spaces) with a character, word or string of your choice.If you enter.g.Performance and browsers Does Chatzy work on all computers?
The more features you add, the more complex the system gets and the higher the risk of bugs and security breaches.
Google Chrome) and the most aggressive ones sometimes disable our requests to update the visitor list.

An old Browser ID is more indicative than one that was just set.Online email services (such as Hotmail and Yahoo!All you have to do is follow this link?We then immediately send out an invitation with your message, a link to the room, and a short footer (containing no ads whatsoever).What are email addresses I enter used for?If a message is sent to an offline (gray) visitor, it will be delivered the next time he/she enters the room.You can enter into rooms where the owner only allows users with a confirmed email to enter.