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02:38:21 kankri: *chuckles* 9h h9 h902:38:21 c: - ekte sex film ikke vurdert - w07 m8 02:38:24 Izzy:.o whoa02:38:25 karkat: gils.02:38:25 Lunary: don't yoU have to asK someone a dare now?
Please don't quit straight away; they amature skjulte cam naken rumpe could be back.02:20:05 anonymous?
he pulled off his underwwear, covvering his nook and bulge wwith one arm*03:15:10 c: - - qui7 beinng a chickenn 03:15:10 cronus: (quick brb03:15:26 c: - - (0k 03:15:30 kankri: (g last one.Glances at Karkat.* ey, truth or dare, chief?02:36:35 karkat: HOW DID YOU guys iNOT/i hear that?02:36:35 Lunary: sCratCh02:36:38 c: - - wha7 i liked y0ur punn karka7 02:36:40 kankri: Karkat y9ur jeal9usy is m9st un6ec9ming and quite frankly a little 6it funny02:36:44.2 03:28:42 Izzy: awwww so kawaii03:28:56 kankri: *screams and tackle p9unces Cr9nus*03:29:08 eridan: oh shit03:29:14 Izzy:.dayum beste helt voksen gratis cam nettsteder kankri.o03:29:27 c: - - l0l 03:29:33 cronus: *He yelped loudly, trying to escape.* ifuck./i *Regrets so much.Leans back and sticks a cig in his mouth-loud cackling at Eridans attempts.*03:23:15 cronus: (soon bab03:23:20 cronus: (isoon/i03:23:24 c: - - nn0nn0 nn0.03:06:29 c: - - dare.CaligulasAquarium eridan joined chat.;-;02:39:41 artisticGem disconnected.02:39:44 artisticGem joined chat.
My privilege is s9mething I can't help, whether it triggers y9u 9r n9t.02:37:23 c: - - 02:37:31 c: - - XD 02:37:33 karkat: (i just find it hilarious in the least flattering way possible)02:37:38 karkat: (but that is hardly important)02:37:51 cronus: if you vwere stuck.

Sniffles pathetically.*03:33:00 Izzy:.this must be a fanfiction!*she got her phone and typed away*03:33:02 c: - - *giggles a7 izzy* 03:33:13 c: - - g00d luck wi7h 7ha7 fannfic7i0nn 03:33:23 Izzy: yeah yeah have fun03:33:38 artisticGem disconnected.03:34:04 artisticGem joined chat.Hmm give me a m9ment03:07:04 cronus: *Okay, Ampora.Please don't quit straight away; they could be back.17:00:25 anonymous?4 02:55:10 c: - - haaaaaaaaaaah 02:55:11 Izzy: me too!02:55:15 kankri: hhahshashHHA02:55:17 eridan: *hides in his cape* kankri truth or dare02:55:48 cronus: *He snorted a bit too loudly, bursting into a fit of mocking laughter.*02:55:50 eridan: *he glared at cronus* oh shut it02:56:03 Latula's connection.03:20:09 c: - - eridann 03:20:11 c: - - 7ru7h 0r dare 03:20:14 eridan: dare03:20:21 c: - - *smirk*.Please don't quit straight away; they could be back.17:00:46 anonymous?TC: (WeLcOmE :D )02:12:16, tC: (OcS ArE FiNe, iN CaSe yOu wErE WoNdErInG)02:12:31 c: - - (hi!
TC: (OoH WeLcOmE JoHn)02:16:25 EB: hi02:16:27 TC: QuIeTlY ShIp bLaCk rOm jOhNxGaM* )02:16:41 aphrodisiacAmbulantType for a pic AA joined chat.

6 02:23:33 Izzy: (YES!02:23:42 c: - - ( ( ) 02:23:43 aphrodisiacAmbulantType for a pic AA is now aphrodisiacAmbulantType for a pic Lunary.
2 02:56:32 kankri:.02:56:48 kankri: I supp9se a dare c9uldn't 6e t9 6ad.02:56:58 eridan: fuck i had a good truth02:57:09 eridan: um02:57:14 c: - - lul 02:57:17 Izzy: dare your truth eridan02:57:38 eridan: i dare you to sit in cro's lap for the next.
6 02:34:58 c: - - crr000 i said 20 pieces nn07 2 02:35:14 kankri: Cr9nus can y9u please get 9n with it I need t9 learn a69ut humans!02:35:18 kankri: Just take 9ff y9ur sh9es if y9u d9n't want t9 d9 it *p9uts*02:35:34 cronus: (pfisread that.02:35:46.