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Averted in The Road Warrior, where it's revealed nearly halfway through that the Sawed-Off Shotgun Max threatened the Gyro Captain with was unloaded, not to mention only one of the shells he finds at that point is usable (and even then it's low-quality).
Moravec in 1977 for his research involving the automatic navigation of a robot through a clustered environment.
Occurs twice when Lana Ravine is firing her revolver in Fatal Instinct : when she's at the firing range and when she's shooting Max Shady.Possible issues with image stitching edit, since the illumination in two views cannot be guaranteed to be the same, stitching two images could create a visible seam.Also note that any time this effect is averted, the amount of cards they count from automatically assumes a 40-card starting Deck unless they have added more cards (such as in Season 4 of GX, when Judai has 42 cards: his own Deck plus Honest.The algorithm is non-deterministic in the sense that it produces a reasonable result only with a certain probability, with this probability increasing as more iterations are performed.Her other guns, while having limited ammo, never needs a fresh magazine.An adjunct to this would be the Bottomless Quiver for archers.You can reload at any point without wasting bullets or having to move bullets from one magazine to another.Katanagatari has Entou Jyuu, a pair of guns that never run out of bullets.The only thing that seems to stop a movie or TV gun ekte sex på jobben videoer from firing is the inevitable and dramatic jam.We never thought we'd need.When you call up your tech specialist over the radio, he asks how it never runs out of ammo or needs to be reloaded.Heavyarms has been shown to run out of ammo on multiple occasions, however.Tabletop Games Edit Hand waved quite literally in Werewolf: The Apocalypse.And except for a hilarious subversion of a Mexican Standoff at the beginning (and despite complaining that bullets are hideously expensive Vash never runs out of bullets, either.
Metal Gear Solid 2 too plays with this, sort off.
Such piles are spaced out farther in the sequel, however, so running out of ammo is a much more common occurrence, unless you're using pistols or melee weapons to save ammo.

Next, we need to estimate the correct alignments relating various pairs (or collections) of images.Stars such as Kevin Love and DeMar DeRozan opening up has been an important step, but the stigma of mental health remains alive in NBA locker rooms.In one scene, Owen fires his pistol roughly two dozen times without pausing to reload.Some weapons still do pack fairly silly numbers of shots into a single ammo slot, though (machine guns being particularly bad offenders and ammo expenditure for most infantry-level weapons is indeed not tracked on the boardgame level (which, to be fair, is more concerned with.Parodied in Hot Shots, Part Deux during the rescue, when the action cuts away from Topper Harley firing a machine gun several times.It takes a bit of digging, but the game explains that.Bond ( Sean Connery ) hides behind the door as an assassin fires several shots into blanked-covered pillows on the bed.Curiously subverted in Team Fortress 2, of all games.He also probably takes his reloads from his enemies' corpses, and the amount of ammo he has left becomes an important plot point.Pretty notable in Constantine.Then again, maybe it's best not to think too much about.

Stronger characters sometimes have the 'cheats' of an absurdly large magazine relative to their body size (e.g.
Partially averted in Deep Space Nine: The Fallen with the smallest pistol, which has infinite power, but must be recharged.
And are too stupid to use them properly.