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Voksen skype chat-rom

But if you specify the variable and its value, the settings will be saved forever ( variables list ).
For instance: /add alex_cooper1 will add that member to the chat.In principle, the execution of commands is the same as sending messages or emoticons simply enter the command in the chat window and press Enter.Examples: /add echo123 /add alice bob carlos, chat type: P2P, cloud /alertsoff, disables notifications of new messages that have been set, using the command /alertson.clear Clears the chat window.I have searched on the internet to get a full list of commands and found some interesting ones as well.For instance, /set banlist alex_cooper1 will ban that member from the chat.Conversation convoi id, Consumption horizon, History date and Message count.showmembers Lists all members of the chat with their currently assigned role.The list of available roles can be found in this table.Skype 4: not iplemented in this version anymore.Chat type: P2P /get guidelines Shows the chat rules, specified with /set guidelines.A description of roles is given in the table below.showstatus Prints some infos about the current conversation.These can be returned to be viewed in the chat by the command /get guidelines.However, the master cannot assign the role of master to other users or remove.You can specify one or more users, separating them by a space.
For example: film med ekte sex samling /set options -joining_enabled switches off the joining_enabled option, while /set options joiners_become_applicants will switch on the joiners_become_applicants option.

Chat type: P2P /golive Starts a group call involving all the users of the chat.To create a P2P-chat, perform the function /createmoderatedchat, with the result that an Empty Group will be created, where youll be able to invite new members and use the old commands.Authors of this blog are not representative of the Skype and are not associated with.clearpassword, removes the password security.On cloud chats says that This chat type does not have a creator and returns the list of admins Chat type: P2P, cloud /get description Displays the description of the chat defined using /set description.If you are just in a chat with one other person, only the relevant chat options will be shown.

Chat type: cloud topic_AND_PIC_locked_FOR_users Only a user with the role of creator has the right to change the subject or the chat logo.
Chat type: P2P joining_enabled New users can join the chat.
Chat type: P2P, cloud /topic header Changes the topic of the chat.