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73, Larry Wheeler, another rule of thumb is doubling antenna elevation at VHF produces about 6 dB gain.
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History Maps Drawings of Ancient ad Gales.With simplex, repeaters may be quickly implemented with a few connections between the computer sound card and the audio receiver output and microphone transmitter handles simplex repeater, duplex repeater, transponder and mixed mode. england.44(0)1452.862235 Fax.44(0)1452.862235 Legio XXI Rapax - Ala II Flavia .Add 254 29 miles for the visual distance. .Tout le monde aime utiliser les surnoms amoureux que ce soit pour votre homme, votre copine ou même votre animal.An isotropic antenna or a dipole for that matter intercepts 6dB less wavefront energy when the frequency is doubled.Denn eine Studie besagt, dass geplanter Sex besser ist als spontaner.Mon amour / Mamour.For example if the transmitter antenna is 625 feet high and the receiving antenna is 16 feet high, square root of 625 25 miles, square root 16 4 miles. .Cross Band Repeating - From icom (if link dead, on m search "Knowledge Base" for "Cross Band Repeat.Christoph Schwab Opladen.V.